Summer Update: U.S. Apple Stores to Upgrade iOS on Unopened iPhone Boxes

What you should know

  • Apple developed a system named “Presto” that enables the installation of software updates on multiple iPhone units simultaneously, even when they are powered off and still in their retail boxes.
  • The technology uses a proprietary pad that wirelessly turns on each iPhone in a stack, downloads and installs the latest iOS update, and then shuts the device down without disturbing the packaging.
  • “Presto” employs MagSafe wireless charging and other wireless technologies to update iPhones, aiming to ensure new devices are running the latest version of iOS straight out of the box.
  • Apple plans to roll out “Presto” across all American Apple Stores by the summer, following successful tests at certain locations, though it is unclear if this technology will be made available to Apple’s carrier partners or overseas stores.

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Oh, last October, we spilled the beans about something pretty nifty Apple was cooking up. Imagine this: a system that lets Apple sprinkle software updates on a bunch of iPhones. And get this, the iPhones don’t even need to be awake for it! They could be snoozing away in their boxes, nestled inside an Apple Store. The magic of it all? New iPhone owners would unwrap their shiny gadgets, already loaded with the freshest iOS version. No more waiting around while store employees fiddle with each phone.

Last year, boy, this tech would’ve been a game-changer. Especially since iOS 17.0.1 decided to show up fashionably early, right before the iPhone 15 lineup hit the shelves. To get those updates rolling, Apple had a trick up its sleeve. Picture this: a stack of iPhone boxes chilling on a special Apple-made pad. Each phone, without even a peek outside its box, would wake up, grab the update, and then go right back to sleep. Like nothing ever happened. And Apple? They dubbed this wizardry “Presto.”

Fast forward to this summer, and Apple’s gearing up to make waves. According to the guru of tech gossip, Mark Gurman, “Presto” is all about that MagSafe life. Plus, a sprinkle of other wireless tech to get the job done. Gurman’s take? The setup’s kinda like a metal cubby you’d toss your shoes into. While “Presto” had its moment in the spotlight at a few Apple Stores last year, the word on the street is it’s about to hit the big time. We’re talking a U.S. rollout in April, aiming for a full embrace in all American Apple havens by summer.

But here’s the kicker: Apple’s playing its cards close to the chest. Will they share this shiny new toy with their carrier buddies like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T? And what about Apple Stores in lands far, far away? Guess we’re all in the dark, waiting for Apple to flip the switch on “Presto” beyond the U.S. shores.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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