Surprise UK buyer gets Android phone disguised as iPhone 15 Pro Max

What you should know

  • Apple‘s latest iPhone 15 series is breaking records in revenue
  • A buyer in the UK received a fake iPhone 15 Pro Max from the official Apple store, with Android installed
  • The buyer refrained from logging into any accounts on the fake unit, recognizing potential risks to personal data
  • The buyer has alerted Apple about the fake unit and is awaiting a response

Full Story

Apple’s latest iPhone 15 series has been a massive hit, with record-breaking revenue from millions of units sold. However, a Redditor named theEdmard recently had a strange experience after ordering an iPhone 15 Pro Max from the official Apple store in the UK. When the package arrived and was opened, it was revealed to contain a fake unit running Android instead of iOS.

Despite receiving all the necessary delivery confirmations and tracking details, theEdmard noticed a preinstalled screen protector, raising suspicion that it may have been a return unit from Apple. However, upon further inspection, it became clear that the smartphone was not an authentic iPhone.

Upon booting up the device, theEdmard discovered that “it was an android device in a skin,” with preinstalled apps like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. The user described the experience as “glitchy and horrible,” with a camera that “crashes if you try to use any UI element on screen.”

Recognizing the potential risks associated with unauthorized access to personal data, theEdmard refrained from logging into any accounts and promptly alerted Apple about the fake unit. The delivery service insists that the box was properly sealed and never tampered with, placing the responsibility beyond their scope.

As the story develops, the buyer is awaiting a response from Apple and urges caution for others who may have received similar fake devices. The situation of acquiring a fake iPhone directly from the official Apple store is quite unusual, and further updates on the matter are pending. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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