Tim Cook Urges Moderation in Smartphone Use

What you should know

  • Dua Lipa has a podcast and interviewed Apple CEO Tim Cook
  • Tim Cook shared personal details and his career journey
  • Apple created the Screen Time feature to address excessive smartphone use
  • Apple is involved in using recycled materials and tracing supply chain to prevent child labor

Full Story

Pop singer Dua Lipa recently had Apple CEO Tim Cook as a guest on her podcast, where the two talked for 45 minutes about a variety of topics. The conversation delved into Cook’s personal life and his career at Apple, as well as topics such as philanthropy and the environment. Cook shared details about his modest background, revealing that he worked hard from a young age to save money for college.

When asked about Steve Jobs, Cook expressed that Jobs was original and that only he could have created Apple. He also mentioned that if Jobs were alive, he would still be the CEO. The conversation also turned to the issue of excessive smartphone use, with Cook acknowledging the need for moderation and highlighting Apple’s Screen Time feature.

Another important topic raised was child labor, with Dua Lipa questioning Cook about whether the cobalt in Apple’s products is mined using child labor. Cook emphasized Apple’s efforts to use recycled materials and to trace the labor in their supply chain to ensure it is not child labor. He also stressed that the company is reducing the need for new mining by using recycled materials and responsible sourcing practices.

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