Top App Store Searches by US Residents in 2023: Apple’s Most Wanted

What you should know

  • In the Entertainment category, Netflix and Tik-Tok are the most popular, with Netflix leading over Disney+, Hulu, and other platforms, and Tik-Tok dominating the short videos category.
  • In the Finance category, Mint is the most popular for budget and expense tracking, while Cash App is the most popular digital wallet, surpassing PayPal.
  • For Food and Drink, Instacart is the most popular for grocery delivery, and McDonald’s is the most sought-after quick service restaurant, followed by Starbucks and Chick-fil-A.
  • In terms of Health and Fitness, the Fitbit app is the most searched for, while for photo and video editing, Picsart and CapCut are the most popular respectively. The Reddit app is the most sought-after on social media, and Tinder is the most popular for online dating.

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So, let’s talk entertainment. Netflix and Tik-Tok are the big dogs! The report I’m looking at splits “Entertainment” into two categories. One’s called OTT (that’s over-the-top media service – think online streaming), and the other is “Short videos”.

Netflix is the king of the hill, leaving Disney+ and Hulu in the dust. Paramount, HBO Max, Amazon’s Prime Video? They’re all trailing behind. Now, Tik-Tok is a whole different beast. This little app accounts for 6 out of the top 10 searches in the App Store in the “Entertainment – Short Videos” category. It’s even snagged the top three spots, just written differently – “tik tok”, “tiktok”, and “‘tiktok’” (in apostrophes). Some folks even misspell it as “tick tock”.

Let’s shift gears to finance. No gold medal for PayPal here. “Finance” is also split in two. The first subcategory – “Budget and expense tracking” – is ruled by Mint. Then there’s the generic “budget app” query, and EveryDollar comes in third. The silver going to a generic search phrase shows that people want “Budget and expense tracking” services, but they’re not quite sure where to find them. It’s not like TikTok, where everyone knows what it is!

In the ‘Digital wallets and pay’ subcategory, Cash App has stolen the crown from PayPal. Venmo’s the third most searched-for digital pay service.

Now, let’s talk food and drink. McDonald’s beats Starbucks. The “Food and drink” category is also split in two: “Grocery delivery” and “QSR” (that’s quick service restaurants). For “Grocery delivery”, Instacart is king, followed by HelloFresh and Shipt. In the “QSR” subcategory, McDonald’s is the top dog, with Burger King at number 10. Starbucks is runner-up, while Chick-fil-A is third.

For the “Health and fitness” categories, the Fitbit app was the most searched in 2023. Fitness+, Strava, Garmin and more were also popular. In the “Photo editing” realm, Picsart is number one, while Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom didn’t even make the top 3. For video editing, CapCut is on top, with the GoPro app at the bottom.

On the “Social media” front, the Reddit app is the most sought-after. And online dating? Tinder is the most popular search query in the App Store for 2023, with Grindr taking silver.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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