Top iPad Pro Deals in 2024: Best Offers on Popular Models

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  • The iPad Pro, regardless of its screen size, is considered among the best tablets on the market, catering to gamers, students, and Apple tech enthusiasts.
  • Promotions on iPad Pro models from 2020 onwards are available, providing opportunities to purchase these high-end tablets at more affordable prices.
  • The upcoming 11-inch iPad Pro (2024) is expected to feature Apple’s M3 chipset and an OLED screen, potentially leading to a price increase compared to previous models.
  • Despite the anticipated launch of newer models, deals on older iPad Pro models, including those from 2020, 2021, and 2022, are available, offering powerful technology at reduced prices.


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Oh, the iPad Pro. Whether you’re deep into gaming, a student juggling a gazillion tabs, or just someone who swears by Apple, it’s pretty much the holy grail. Let’s not beat around the bush; these tablets are top-tier, no matter the screen size.

Looking for a deal on a new iPad Pro? Look no further! We’ve scoured the internet for the best promotions on iPad Pro models, starting from 2020. Yes, even the 2020 models are in the mix. Stick around if snagging an iPad Pro at a sweet price is on your to-do list.

So, what’s the damage for an iPad Pro these days? Jump into the specifics with us: from storage options to Wi-Fi and cellular models, spanning the 11-inch to the 12.9-inch beasts. Prices? They’re a mixed bag, starting at around $959 and soaring up to $2,559 for those who need all the gigabytes.

2023 was a big year for Apple, launching its latest iPhone series. But, iPad lovers were left hanging. Rumor has it, 2024 is the year Apple makes up for that, refreshing its entire tablet lineup. Yes, that includes the 11-inch iPad Pro, soon to be known as the 5th Gen iPad Pro (2024). Exciting, right?

The buzz around the water cooler is that this upcoming model will feature the M3 chipset and an OLED screen. Oh, and let’s not forget the whispers of new software features and MagSafe charging. All these upgrades? They’re probably going to bump up the price, not just for the 11-inch model but the 12.9-inch one too.

Early birds were chirping about a possible price doubling for the 11-inch model. Thankfully, that storm seems to have passed. The latest gossip suggests a more modest increase, around $160 more than its predecessor. So, we’re looking at a starting price shy of $1,000.

If the rumor mill’s got it right, brace yourselves for a 15% price hike on the larger M3-powered iPad Pro set to drop this year. Just for context, the 12.9-inch model kicked off at $1,099 in 2022.

Speaking of the iPad Pro (2022), these devices are no joke. Powered by the M2 chip, they offer a smooth 120Hz refresh rate, solid battery life, and a sound system that’ll blow your socks off. Until the 2024 models arrive with their shiny OLED screens, these are the cream of the crop.

With a couple of years under their belt, deals on the 2022 models are popping up at retailers like Target and Amazon. And would you believe it, even AT&T’s getting in on the action, offering the iPad Pro at a steal. Let’s dive deeper into these deals.

For those eyeing a deal with a carrier plan, AT&T’s got your back. And for the budget-conscious, Amazon’s refurbished items might just be the ticket.

Not ready to shell out for the latest and greatest? The 2021 iPad Pros are still a solid choice. Thanks to their M1 chipset, they pack plenty of power. Plus, their premium build and all-day battery life make them a compelling option.

The best part? The 2021 models are significantly easier on the wallet compared to their newer siblings. Keep an eye on Walmart and Amazon for some of the best deals on these robust tablets.

On an even tighter budget? The 2020 iPad Pro models might be up your alley. Brand-new deals are scarce, but refurbished models are out there, waiting to be snagged on Amazon and Walmart.

So, there you have it. Whether you’re after the latest tech or happy with a slightly older model, there’s an iPad Pro deal out there for you.

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