Troubleshoot battery and network issues on Google Pixel 8 series via new app

What you should know

– Google has released a new app called Pixel Troubleshooting for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones.
– The app functions as a system app and can be accessed through the phone’s settings.
– It offers intelligent diagnostics and troubleshooting for battery and network problems.
– Users can run diagnostic tests and receive tips and recommendations for fixing issues.

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Google has introduced a new troubleshooting app for its Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones. The app is designed to help users identify and resolve common battery and network issues. Currently available only for the Pixel 8 series, Google may extend its availability to older models in the future.

The Pixel Troubleshooting app functions as a system app, meaning its tools can be accessed via the phone’s settings. It provides intelligent diagnostics and troubleshooting for problems like quick battery drain or connectivity issues. Users can follow suggested resolutions or share diagnostic data with Pixel Care support agents.

Within the app, the Battery Diagnostics section offers various options to describe battery issues, allowing users to run corresponding diagnostic tests and access support information for fixing them. For instance, if a user is experiencing battery drain, the app can scan for apps consuming excessive battery power and offer tips to improve battery life.

Similarly, the app’s network troubleshooter section offers tips to enhance connectivity and allows users to contact Pixel support. If there are issues with connecting to Wi-Fi, for example, the app can help diagnose and resolve the problem.

To utilize the diagnostic tools, users need to access the Settings menu and select either “Battery diagnostics” under Battery or “Network and Internet” for network troubleshooting. A scan will be conducted to identify any potential problems, and if any are found, recommendations for fixing them will be provided.

While the Pixel Troubleshooting app is a belated addition to the Pixel lineup, it is a valuable resource for users experiencing technical difficulties. Apple has long offered a similar tool, so it is great to see Google catching up. Hopefully, this app will be made available to older Pixel models as well, expanding its usefulness to a wider range of users.

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