Understanding the Digital Crown Function on Vision Pro

What you should know

  • The Vision Pro is a new device that is being closely followed by many, and is predicted to be one of the best VR headsets ever.
  • The Vision Pro is referred to as a spatial computer because it allows users to interact with the space around them in different ways, blending augmented, virtual, and mixed realities.
  • The device features a Digital Crown, a physical knob that allows users to adjust their reality to fit their preferences. This feature is compared to a radio dial, allowing users to “tune in” to the proper amount of augmentation on top of their reality.
  • The Digital Crown is expected to have additional functions, depending on the context in which the user happens to be at the time.

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Hot take alert! You might have a pre-order for the Vision Pro or not, but I bet you’re keeping a close eye on its release. Let’s be real, the launch details are still a bit murky. Yet, there’s this palpable feeling in the air that this could be one of the best VR headsets out there.

Even if Apple insists on calling it a spatial computer. And honestly, kudos to them. We’re already juggling too many realities: augmented, virtual, mixed. It’s almost a daily spectacle to witness people mixing up these terms. So, why exactly is Vision Pro a spatial computer?

Well, it’s because it allows you to interact with your surroundings in unique ways. So much so, that you might even forget about the physical space around you. This is achieved through a blend of all these realities. And, according to an article I read, the device’s Digital Crown plays a big part in this.

Hold up, what’s a “Digital Crown”? Chill, Apple enthusiasts. If you want the rest of us to understand your lingo, you gotta start with the basics. First off, there’s nothing “digital” about this crown. It’s a physical knob that you can twist to achieve different outcomes. You’ve probably seen it on an Apple Watch. But the Vision Pro is more than just a watch, so why the fancy knob?

Well, because it’s cool. And because it allows you to adjust your reality according to your preferences. Here’s a user experience I came across: Each twist of the knob slowly erased the physical walls of a room in Manhattan’s Tribeca area. Then the floor beneath my feet vanished. The Vision Pro left only my stomach and arms as remnants of physical reality. A few more twists, and my stomach disappeared. A few more, and my arms were gone. That was a bit too much, so I dialed it back to just my arms and hands floating in a completely immersive environment.

I just realized some of you might not get this, but I’ll try anyway. Ever used a radio with a physical dial? That’s what this is, but the Vision Pro won’t randomly decide where to place you. Instead, it lets you “tune in” to the right amount of augmentation for your reality.

But remember, this is Apple we’re talking about. I’m fully expecting the Vision Pro’s Digital Crown to do more than just this. It’ll likely adapt based on the user’s context at the moment. And honestly, it sounds like a fun and straightforward way to interact with the spatial computer.

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