Upcoming 4K Chromecast with Google TV Release Expected Soon

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  • Google is reportedly preparing to release a new Chromecast with Google TV, which will be an upgrade to the 2020 model, maintaining the 4K resolution and $49.99 price point.
  • The upcoming Chromecast is expected to feature a more powerful processor for smoother streaming, addressing performance improvements.
  • A new remote with additional buttons, including a customizable “magic” button, is anticipated to accompany the new Chromecast, enhancing user interaction and accessibility.
  • The need for a refresh of the 2020 Chromecast with Google TV is highlighted, alongside the mention of a lower-cost 1080p version released in 2022, indicating Google’s strategy to cater to different market segments.


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Nearly four years have zipped by since Google dropped its original Chromecast with Google TV. Now, whispers in the tech alleys suggest Google’s cooking up a sequel. This new kid on the block? It’s rumored to be a snazzy upgrade from the 2020 model, flaunting a fresh remote. Yet, it’s sticking to its guns with the same 4K resolution and the wallet-friendly $49.99 tag.

An unnamed insider spilled the beans to 9to5Google. They hinted that this Chromecast is about to get a serious brain boost, thanks to a beefier processor. Smooth streaming? You betcha.

Oh, and there’s chatter about a new remote. It’s expected to be a button bonanza, featuring more clickables than its predecessor. The cherry on top? A “magic” button. Last month, some eagle-eyed folks spotted it in a Google Home app update. Sounds intriguing, right?

Image creds to 9to5Google, folks. The nitty-gritty on the processor’s still hush-hush, but the rumor mill suggests it’s a significant step up. And that remote? If the leaks hold water, it’s button galore.

Navigating should be a breeze with the added buttons. But let’s not gloss over the “magic” button. Imagine zapping straight to your binge-worthy shows or must-use apps. Pure gold.

Fingers crossed this isn’t just hot air. The 2020 Chromecast with Google TV is screaming for a makeover. Last year, Google threw us a bone with a 1080p version. Nice, but not quite the same league for the 4K aficionados. If this upgrade’s for real, it’s not just a win; it’s a game-changer, especially with extra storage in the mix.

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