Upcoming Apple iPad Pros and iPad Airs Set to Launch in the Next Month

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  • Apple did not release a new iPad in 2023, breaking tradition and disappointing fans.
  • The launch date for the next-gen iPad Pros and iPad Airs remains uncertain, with expectations of an announcement around the end of March or in April, likely through Apple’s newsroom website without a formal event.
  • The 2024 iPad lineup is rumored to include a 12.9-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air, alongside an 11-inch iPad Pro and a 10.9-inch iPad Air, with potential differences in processor power (M2 for Airs and M3 for Pros) and authentication technology (Touch ID for Airs and Face ID for Pros).
  • Apple is also expected to unveil new accessories like the Pencil and Magic Keyboard, as well as a major iPadOS software update, despite the absence of a traditional launch event.


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Oh boy, if you were among those who felt a bit let down seeing Apple break from its usual routine last year—yeah, no new iPads in 2023—well, the disappointment might’ve deepened recently. Just last week, amidst swirling rumors, Apple did reveal some shiny new hardware on March 4. But, guess what? Not a peep about new iPads. Nada for the fans of sleek, portable tech. And when it comes to those next-gen iPad Pros and iPad Airs? Well, we’re all in a bit of a limbo. Mark Gurman’s insiders, usually on the nose, can’t pin down a launch date. So, no circling dates on your calendar just yet. It feels like we’re staring down a long tunnel, except there’s no light signaling an event at the end. Nope.

Apple might just casually drop the news on its website. Like, surprise! Here’s something you’ve been waiting for, with zero pomp and circumstance. So, no need to glue your eyes to Apple’s newsroom page just yet. But hey, whispers suggest something might pop up end of March or April. Now, here’s a kicker: Will Apple unveil the 2024 iPad Pros and iPad Airs all at once or stagger the releases? We’re leaning towards the latter, but honestly, it’s all up in the air until it’s not.

And about these upcoming products? The buzz is all about OLED screens for the 2024 iPad Pro. That’s the juicy bit. Meanwhile, the iPad Air is expected to shake things up with a brand new display size. Imagine that—a 12.9-inch iPad Air! Plus, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. And there’s more: an 11-inch iPad Pro and a 10.9-inch iPad Air for those watching their wallets. Confusing? Maybe a tad.

We’re piecing together the puzzle, but it’s clear the two iPad Airs might boast an Apple M2 chip, while the new iPad Pros could leapfrog to M3 performance. And let’s not forget the possible design tweaks. iPad Air sticking with Touch ID and iPad Pros embracing Face ID? Seems so.

Oh, and Apple’s likely to roll out new Pencil and Magic Keyboard goodies, not to mention a hefty iPadOS update. All this, and yet, no big, flashy event? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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