Update on Google Drive Data Loss: Google’s Response and Investigation

What you should know

– Google Drive facing an issue causing files to disappear for some users
– The issue affects files uploaded after May 2023
– Users are advised not to disconnect the account from the desktop app or delete the app data folder
– Google has not officially acknowledged the issue

Full Story

Google Drive users are reportedly facing an issue causing files to disappear, with reports surfacing on the Google Support forum and other platforms. This issue seems to be affecting files uploaded after May 2023, with affected files not visible in any folders, trash, or revisions. The cause of the issue remains unclear, and it is uncertain whether it affects the web version, app, or synced folders on computers. Users are advised to check all potential locations where their files might be accessible.

The Google Drive team has acknowledged the issue and is currently investigating. Some advice has been offered, such as to not disconnect the account from the desktop app or delete the app data folder. Users have been cautioned against making any changes to their Google Drive while the investigation is ongoing, and to exercise caution when using Google Drive to avoid jeopardizing their files. Google has not officially acknowledged the issue, but some users have individually heard from Google Support. The Google Workspace Status Dashboard lists Google Drive service to be fully operational with no issues reported.

Hopefully, Google will report back with an update and/or a resolution soon. In the meantime, users experiencing issues with missing files are advised to contact Google Support or wait for the ongoing cases to be investigated.

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