Vision Pro Might Feature 10-Core GPU, M2 Chip, and 16GB RAM

What you should know

  • Apple is positioning the Vision Pro as a “spatial computer”, not just a VR headset, aiming to provide professionals with a portable workstation that enhances productivity.
  • The Vision Pro is expected to have high-end specifications, including an M2 chip with 10 GPU cores and 8 CPU cores, and 16GB of RAM, to support its mixed-reality capabilities.
  • Apple Card Installments will be an available payment option for the Vision Pro at checkout online and in retail stores.
  • The Vision Pro is set to release on February 2, 2024.

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Bloomberg’s the source of the header image, so credit where credit’s due. Now, let’s dive in. Apple’s got a new toy for us, the Vision Pro. They’re insisting we call it a “spatial computer”, not a headset. Interesting, huh?

Regardless of the name, we’re pretty sure it’s going to land on the best VR headsets list. And not just because of its slick form factor. Yeah, the Quest 3 is cool and all, but the Vision Pro? It’s got bigger fish to fry.

This baby is designed to be more than just a gaming gadget. Apple’s got its sights set on the professional world. They’re looking to provide a portable workstation that doesn’t just maintain productivity, but boosts it. A unique concept, wouldn’t you say?

The Vision Pro isn’t like any VR headset we’ve seen before. Oops, I mean “spatial computer”. Old habits, you know. But it begs the question, what kind of specs is this thing packing to achieve such lofty goals?

Word on the street is that it’s got the M2 chip. The high-end variant with 10 GPU cores and 8 CPU cores. And guess what? Apple Card Installments will be an option at checkout. Handy, right?

You might’ve heard of Mark Gurman. If not, let me introduce you. He’s a big deal in the tech world, and he’s been tracking the Vision Pro closely. His predictions? Not far-fetched at all. He’s thinking 16GB of RAM, which sounds about right.

Sure, the Quest 3 manages with 8GB of RAM, but its mixed-reality capabilities are yet to be fully unveiled. And mixed-reality? That’s a major focus for the Vision Pro.

Overlaying virtual objects onto the real world? That takes some serious power. Enter the M2 chip. But will 10 cores be enough? That depends on what Apple lets us do with the Vision Pro.

We could probably push it to its limits, but that’s not the goal. We’re looking to find the sweet spot, the optimal way to use these resources. And knowing Apple, the “spatial computer” will likely come with a built-in workflow guide.

The release date? February 2, 2024. Not too far off. We’ll see soon enough what this Vision Pro is all about.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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