Vision Pro Software Update: Key Improvements to Expect

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  • Improved Personas: The Vision Pro’s first update to visionOS enhances the virtual Apple avatar, making it look better and more accurately capture details like hair, makeup, and movements of the neck and mouth.
  • Enhanced Interaction and Usability: Users can now set up a Persona hands-free, find and connect to a Mac Virtual Display more easily, take virtual objects closer, and uninstall some pre-installed apps.
  • Mobile Device Management and Wi-Fi Support: The update introduces Mobile Device Management for enterprise clients and supports Wi-Fi networks with captive portals, alongside significant bug fixes.
  • Future Updates and Expectations: Despite the improvements, there is anticipation for Personas to exit Beta and become more immersive, with Apple showing signs of listening to feedback for future updates.


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Oh boy, has it really been just over a month since the Vision Pro hit the shelves? Feels like an eternity, doesn’t it? And yet, here we are, still scratching our heads, wondering if Apple’s shiny new toy is ready to rub shoulders with the VR big boys. It’s kinda funny because, to be honest, it wasn’t even supposed to. But hey, that doesn’t mean it’s without its flaws.

Despite the cheers from fans and the nods of approval from critics, there’s a bit of a shadow hanging over Apple’s latest gadget. It’s like, you know, it’s cool but… could be cooler? The whole thing with the Vision Pro felt a tad unfinished, like a movie that ends right when you’re getting to the good part. And don’t get me started on the Personas – those Apple-flavored virtual alter egos that just seemed, well, off.

But then, out of the blue, comes the first big update to visionOS. This update, while it doesn’t exactly push the feature out of its Beta crib, does polish things up a bit. And, as expected, it brings along a merry band of bugs and fixes.

Now, onto the meaty part: does the Vision Pro live up to the hype in its latest ad? What’s the scoop with the visionOS update, you ask? Well, let me spill the beans:

– Personas are getting a facelift; they should look a tad sharper now.
– The device is now a pro at catching the little details, like your hairstyle or the makeup you’re wearing today.
– It’s also gotten better at mimicking your neck and mouth moves. Pretty neat, huh?
– Setting up a Persona is now a hands-free breeze.

And that’s not all. These tweaks also give a little love to EyeSight, thanks to the Persona upgrades. Finding and hooking up to a Mac Virtual Display is smoother. Bringing virtual objects up close and personal is now a thing. Plus, you can finally kick some of those pre-installed apps to the curb. Notification dots for apps and folders, better cursor action for typing, and a nod to Mobile Device Management – it’s all in there. Oh, and Wi-Fi networks that play hard to get? They’re on the list too. And bugs, lots of them, have been shown the door.

For a first update, that’s a pretty hefty list, don’t you think? Some folks might have been holding their breath for something groundbreaking, but let’s not forget, this is just the beginning. With most of 2024 still ahead of us, who knows what Apple has up its sleeve?

And about those Personas stepping out of Beta… We’re all kinda waiting for that, aren’t we? Right now, they’re a bit on the flat side, not quite the immersive 3D experience we were teased with. But, it looks like Apple’s got its ears open. The initial feedback about the Vision Pro’s detail detection (or lack thereof) has been taken to heart, and this update is proof of that. Just think of it as version 1.1, a stepping stone to bigger and better things. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for version 2.0.

Wondering how to get your hands on the update? Easy peasy. Dive into the Settings on your Vision Pro, tap your way to General, and hit that Software Update button. Make sure the “visionOS Updates” toggle is in the ON position, and while you’re at it, flip the switch for “Security Responses & System Files” too, for those automatic updates.

Here’s a little trick: turn on “Automatically Download” but leave “Automatically Install” turned off. This way, you get to decide when it’s the perfect time to update. Neat, right?

But hey, don’t sweat it if you’re feeling a bit lost. It’s the first major update for the Vision Pro, after all. Good news is, Apple’s got a guide out, which I used to get you those steps. So, go ahead, give your Personas that much-needed boost. Just a heads up, though: you might need to do a quick rescan to fully enjoy the new perks.

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