Vision Pro to Provide Immersive Environments for Disney+ Subscribers

What you should know

  • The Vision Pro is a new type of VR headset that Apple refers to as a “spatial computer”. It is designed for professional use but also supports gaming and other entertainment features.
  • The device supports 3D and Immersive movies, and users can watch content in specially designed virtual environments if they are subscribed to Disney+.
  • These virtual environments include the Disney+ Theater, The Scare Floor from Monsters Inc., The Avengers Tower, and the Landspeeder from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.
  • There are still uncertainties about how these immersive environments will work, including whether they will be static or have interactive elements, and whether users can simply spend time in these environments without engaging with any content.

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So, we’ve chatted a lot about the Vision Pro, right? It’s this new-fangled VR headset that’s got Apple all excited. They’re calling it a “spatial computer” and all. It’s designed to let the pros do their thing, but does that mean it’s all about work? No fun and games?

Nah, don’t think so. Remember, Apple’s the reason we got to see epic games like Dead Space (which was totally rad, by the way!) and Mass Effect on the App Store. That spirit? It’s alive and kicking in the Vision Pro. Of course, you can play games on it, provided you’ve got the right controllers. But what else is in the mix?

Well, there’s 3D movies and Immersive movies. Some of you might recall a scene from the Vision Pro’s big reveal. Someone was watching “The Mandalorian” from a Star Wars spaceship. Now, that could actually be you. That is, if you’re a Disney+ subscriber.

We knew Disney+ was getting a special Vision Pro version with extra goodies. That was clear from the get-go. Now, we’re getting a peek at what specific places subscribers will get access to. We’re talking about the Disney+ Theater, which is a replica of the El Capitan in Hollywood. There’s also the Scare Floor from Monsters Inc., the Avengers Tower with a Manhattan view, and Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

And, I mean, come on. These are pretty cool, right? It’s especially nice to see Monsters Inc. still getting some love from Disney. Seriously, if you haven’t watched it again recently, you should. But if you’re thinking about pre-ordering a Vision Pro, maybe hold off a bit. You’ll want to enjoy this super-immersive experience.

So, how immersive can we expect it to be? If we stop and think about it, we don’t know much about how these immersive environments will work. I doubt they’ll be static locales, but if there’s too much happening, won’t that be distracting? It’d be neat if they had some interactive elements, though. And the big question: can users just hang out and vibe? ‘Cause, honestly, that’s what I’d do a lot. I guess we’ll find out soon enough, after the Vision Pro launches on February 2.

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