Vivo’s Slider Phone with Rollable Display Outperforms Samsung

What you should know

– Chinese phone makers like Vivo are expected to release a handset with a slidable panel before Samsung.
– Vivo and Transion are planning to launch slider phones with rollable displays to compete with Samsung.
– The rollable display technology allows for a more compact design and addresses the issues of thickness and heft found in foldable phones.
– Vivo’s slider phone with a rollable display may resemble the Oppo X 2021 prototype, offering a tablet-like experience with a swipe on the side.

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Chinese phone makers Vivo and Transion are set to beat Samsung to the market with a handset featuring a slidable panel. Samsung’s advancements in foldable phones have driven the development of a phone with a slidable display, which is expected to be available in the next holiday quarter. Vivo has already showcased its Phantom Ultimate prototype, equipped with a rollable display made by CSOT. This prototype features a 6.55-inch portrait cover screen that expands to a 7.1-inch squarish display in just over a second.

One advantage of rollable displays is their compactness compared to foldable phones, which often suffer from thickness and heft issues. If Vivo or Transion can launch their slider phone before Samsung, they may capture a portion of the market for unconventional form factors. Vivo is reportedly in talks with both CSOT and Samsung for the supply of flexible displays that can roll around one end without damage.

Vivo’s slider phone with a rollable display bears resemblance to the Oppo X 2021 prototype, capable of expanding the display from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches with a simple swipe. The retractable OLED display is supported by a proprietary Roll Motor powertrain that ensures there are no creases or dimples on the screen. If Vivo’s upcoming slider phone is an improved version of this prototype, it could represent a viable form factor for the future.

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