Why iPhone Market Share Will Continue to Decline in China: Billionaire’s Theory

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  • Pavel Durov criticizes Apple‘s “walled garden” app policies following the removal of Telegram from China’s App Store.
  • Durov suggests that the Chinese government’s actions are aimed more at Apple than at Telegram, encouraging a shift from iPhones to Android devices among Chinese users.
  • Android’s ability to sideload apps is highlighted as a significant advantage, potentially leading to an increased Android market share in China at the expense of the iPhone.
  • Despite restrictions, Telegram remains popular in China, with users employing VPNs to bypass the Great Firewall and access the app.


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Pavel Durov’s got an idea. And it’s all about iPhones in China taking a nosedive. You see, Apple had to yank Telegram off its shelves in China. That’s right, no more Telegram for the iPhone crowd there.

But here’s the kicker. Despite China’s bigwigs pushing Apple around, folks in China haven’t stopped downloading Telegram. Not one bit. Durov’s not happy with Apple, though. Calls their app store a “walled garden.” Too restrictive for his taste.

He spilled the beans on his Telegram channel. Said it loud and clear: it’s Apple that’s in the hot seat, not Telegram. Android’s the hero here, according to him. Why? ‘Cause you can get apps from anywhere, not just some fancy app store. Sideloading, they call it.

So, Durov’s betting on this: more and more Chinese users will ditch their iPhones. They’ll jump ship to Android. Brands like Xiaomi are gonna see a boost. Why? Simple. Androids play nice with apps like Telegram. No app store hoops to jump through.

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. In China, if you wanna sneak past the “Great Firewall,” you need a VPN. It’s like a secret tunnel for your internet traffic. Despite this hurdle, Telegram’s still a hit in China. Resourceful users find their way to it, no matter what.

In short, Durov thinks iPhones are on their way out in China. Android’s where it’s at, thanks to the freedom to sideload apps. And despite all the roadblocks, Telegram’s holding strong in China. Folks there just can’t get enough of it.

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