Why Tim Cook’s May 7th Event is a Must-Hear, Even for Non-iPad Users

What you should know


  • Apple CEO Tim Cook could hint at some of Apple’s AI capabilities as soon as May 7th during the Let Loose event.
  • The introduction of new iPads with OLED panels, including the 11.1-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2024) models, featuring landscape-oriented front-facing cameras and durable double-stack technology OLED displays.
  • Expansion of the iPad Air line to include a new 12.9-inch model with an LCD screen, offering a more affordable large-screen option to consumers.
  • The unveiling of new accessories, such as a new Apple Pencil with squeeze gesture functionality and a sturdier aluminum build Magic Keyboard, designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the iPad Pro tablets.


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Apple’s got a thing happening on May 7th they’re calling “Let Loose.” Honestly, though, with all the chit-chat flying around, “Loose Lips Sink Ships” might’ve hit the nail on the head. Word on the street is, Tim Cook’s gonna spill some beans about Apple’s AI dreams at this shindig. Now, while iPads and their fancy accessories are gonna steal the spotlight, don’t be shocked if Cook throws in a curveball about AI that makes even the WWDC-snoozers sit up and take note. Mark your calendars for June 10th, folks.

But, hey, let’s circle back to this “Let Loose” bash on May 7th. How’s AI gonna crash this iPad party? Well, it’s all buzzing thanks to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and his Power On newsletter gossip. He’s betting that the shiny, new iPad Pro (2024) will rock a 3nm M4 chip, not the M3 everyone expected. This M4 chip is a beast, ready to juggle more AI tricks on-device, just how Apple likes it. So, Tim Cook might just tease some AI goodies before the big WWDC keynote next month.

Having Cook chat about AI isn’t as wild as it sounds. Apple’s been hyping May 7th as “a different kind of event.” And The Washington Post, tipping its hat to 9to5Mac, hinted that Cook’s gonna tease some new AI features next week and drop the full monty at June’s World Wide Developers Conference.

So, what’s the big deal about May 7th? Apple’s unveiling the first iPad tablets with OLED screens. We’re talking about the 11.1-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2024) models. And guess what? The selfie cam’s moving to landscape. Thanks to some nifty double-stack tech, these OLED screens are tough cookies, and Ross Young from DSCC reckons they’re the top dog of tablet displays.

But there’s a catch. If you’ve been drooling over the 12.9-inch Apple tablet, brace yourself for a price tag that might just make you weep. So, Apple’s throwing in a 12.9-inch LCD iPad Air alongside the usual 10.9-inch model this year. Yep, for the first time, the iPad Air lineup is getting a big brother, offering that sweet screen real estate at a more palatable price. These iPad Air (2024) models will also feature that landscape-oriented selfie cam and might be powered by the M2 or M3 chip.

Oh, and there’s talk of a new Apple Pencil. This one’s rumored to have a squeeze gesture. Plus, a revamped Magic Keyboard is on the horizon, boasting a sturdy aluminum build. Hook it up to either iPad Pro, and you’ve got something that looks a lot like a laptop. The “Let Loose” event kicks off at 7 am PT, which is 10 am ET. So, set your alarms, and let’s see what Apple’s got up its sleeve.

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