Will Apple Dominate Your Home with a Google-Powered Robot?

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  • Apple has shifted its focus towards developing home robots after moving away from self-driving car ambitions, alongside planning significant AI updates for Siri and its devices, powered by Google’s Gemini AI.
  • The partnership between Apple and Google on generative AI could raise privacy concerns for consumers, as Google’s approach to data collection is more invasive compared to Apple’s traditionally privacy-oriented stance.
  • Speculation around the potential Apple robot suggests it might resemble an Amazon Astro-like device, a tablet on wheels, rather than a more sophisticated humanoid robot, due to current technological and cost limitations.
  • There are doubts about the practical utility of a home robot similar to Amazon’s Astro, given its limited functionality and the challenge of navigating typical home environments, suggesting that the concept may not meet consumer expectations.


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So, Apple’s ditched the self-driving car dream and might be eyeing the next big thing—home robots. And not just any robots, but ones that could be chilling in your living room, maybe even fetching your slippers. Plus, there’s buzz about Apple giving Siri a major brain boost with some fancy AI tech, all thanks to… wait for it… Google’s Gemini.

Word on the street is that Apple and Google are trying to hammer out a deal. If they pull it off, it could shake things up for us, the folks who buy their stuff. We’ve all heard whispers about Siri getting smarter, but an Apple robot? What’s that about? Could Google’s Gemini be the brains of the operation? And the real kicker—do we even need such a thing? Let’s dive in.

If Apple’s really cooking up a robot, it’s probably not going to invent its own AI. Looks like Google Gemini might be the front-runner. Is that a good thing or a bad thing, though?

Now, about Google Gemini. Siri’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed compared to some of its rivals. But hey, at least it’s got a good rep for keeping your secrets. Google, on the other hand, is like that nosy neighbor who overhears everything. It’s all about scooping up data to make its AI and services smarter.

When I heard Apple might not roll its own AI but instead cozy up to Google’s, I wasn’t throwing confetti. It feels like the moment Apple leans on Google for AI smarts, our privacy might take a back seat. Suddenly, it’s not just Apple keeping an eye on our data; Google’s in the mix, too. That whole privacy fortress Apple built? Might not be as impregnable as we thought.

I’m betting this Apple-Google deal could either flop or cost Apple a pretty penny. Generative AI isn’t cheap, after all. It needs a ton of server space, processing power, and upkeep. Will we see those costs passed down to us in pricier Apple gadgets or new subscription fees? Time will tell.

But let’s circle back to this potential Apple robot. What’s it going to look like? A robot butler? Eh, we’re not quite there yet. Maybe something like Amazon’s Astro, but with Siri’s voice? Honestly, we could do without.

While the Apple Vision Pro has its sights set high, we’re not ready for humanoid home robots yet. The tech just isn’t there. The dream? A robot that can handle chores, keep an eye on the house, and maybe even walk the dog. But realistically, we’re years, maybe decades, away from that.

For now, the closest thing to a high-tech helper is Tesla’s Optimus or the Figure One robot. They’re impressive, sure, with their ability to reason and act without human help. But the hardware needed to bring such a robot into our homes? It’s not quite ready for prime time.

Apple, despite its deep pockets, can’t fast-track a futuristic robot into existence. The Apple Vision Pro showed us that even Apple has its limits. So, what are we likely to get? Probably a Siri-powered rolling robot, but is that really breaking new ground? We’ve all got smartphones and smart speakers already.

What we know about Apple’s robot plans is pretty underwhelming. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a reliable source on all things Apple, says the company’s exploring a home robot similar to Amazon’s Astro. Think of it as an iPad on a Roomba.

Amazon’s Astro is essentially a roving tablet. But let’s be real, the excitement for such gadgets isn’t exactly sky-high. Their limited functionality doesn’t justify their existence when a smart speaker can do the job just fine. And those wheels? They’re not exactly all-terrain.

Even in a best-case scenario, these robots can’t do much more than carry a soda can from one room to another. They can’t fetch it from the fridge, which would actually be helpful. So we’re left with a mobile assistant that tries to keep up with us, but is it any better than just using our existing devices?

We’ll just have to wait and see if Apple can surprise us with a new take on the home robot idea. Or maybe they’ll pivot to something else entirely, doubling down on the Vision Pro or another project. What do you think? Would a cute, rolling Apple robot tickle your fancy, or are you holding out for a full-blown humanoid robot to take over your chores? Or maybe, just maybe, you’re fine without any robots at all?

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