Woman Dies Trying to Save Fallen AirPods in Gruesome Incident

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  • A 21-year-old woman named Alyssa Drinkard died after being trapped under a conveyor belt at Club Car, a golf cart manufacturer, while trying to retrieve her AirPods.
  • Despite warnings against wearing jewelry and headphones near machinery, Drinkard attempted to crawl underneath the conveyor belt to get her AirPods, resulting in her being caught and pinned by the chain.
  • Co-worker Fae’Zsha Smith witnessed the incident but was unable to help Drinkard, leading to emergency responders being called to free Drinkard, who was later pronounced dead at the hospital.
  • Club Car has expressed condolences and is working with authorities to investigate the incident, highlighting the dangers of disregarding safety warnings around machinery.


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Alyssa Drinkard, just 21, met a tragic end. It happened in a blink; one moment she was on her shift at Club Car, a golf cart manufacturer, and the next, a horrific accident unfolded.

She was working the graveyard shift in Georgia. That’s when her AirPods slipped from her ears onto a moving conveyor belt. Without a second thought, Alyssa bent to retrieve them.

But disaster struck. She got caught in the conveyor’s chain, beneath the belt. Her co-worker, Fae’Zsha Smith, saw it all but couldn’t do a thing. Alyssa was “sucked” away, out of reach.

“Pinned” – that’s how they described her situation. Smith was helpless, witnessing her friend in distress. She called for maintenance, hoping they could stop the machine. They did, eventually, but not before calling 911.

By the time first responders freed Alyssa, cutting through the conveyor’s metal frame, it was grim. She was unresponsive, though she had a pulse. Life-saving efforts began immediately, right there and then, before rushing her to the hospital. Sadly, she passed away the next morning.

Smith had warned her. Told Alyssa not to go after the AirPods. “It’s OK, I’ll just get new ones,” Alyssa had said. Yet, the temptation was too strong.

The incident, which happened last Friday, haunts Smith. The image of Alyssa, trapped, is etched in her memory. Surveillance footage later showed the desperate attempt Alyssa made, crawling under the belt for her AirPods.

Club Car, where they worked, had rules. No jewelry, no headphones – for safety. They knew the risks, yet the accident happened. The company expressed their condolences, thanking first responders and pledging to investigate the incident with authorities.

It’s a stark reminder. If you ever drop something valuable in a dangerous spot, let it go. No object, not even AirPods, is worth risking your life over. Safety first, always.

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