World’s Largest Mobile Phone Collection Recognized by Guinness

What you should know

  • Andrei Bilbie Argentis owns 3,456 phones which is the current Guinness World Record
  • We have sent a request to Guinness to see if it is possible to obtain a list of all of the phones that make up Bilbie Argentis’ record holdings
  • Personal collection of phones owned by the author
  • Encouragement for readers to share their personal collections in the comments section

Full Story

Andrei Bilbie Argentis is the new Guinness World Record holder for owning 3,456 phones. This number is incorrect because it does not account for several thousand duplicates that are not applied towards the total. Surprisingly, Andrei didn’t start his collection until 2018, amassing his record number of phones over the last six years. A photo shows a room where Andrei collects his phones – two walls are completely lined with mobile phones with Motorola Razr V3 units, older iPhone models, and recent Pixel handsets.

We don’t expect Andrei to have a wireless plan for each phone, but any phone enthusiast would love to spend at least an hour running through his collection. A request has been sent to Guinness to obtain a list of all of the phones that make up Bilbie Argentis’ record holdings. If a response is received, an update will be shared to this story.

The article also mentions the author’s personal collection, including an LG VX9800 and a Motorola DROID, and encourages readers to share their own personal collections in the comments.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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