YouTube Music Enhances Song Discovery with Built-In Recognition Feature

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  • YouTube has become the leading streaming service in America, with YouTube Music and YouTube Premium collectively surpassing 100 million subscribers worldwide.
  • YouTube Music introduces a new feature that allows users to recognize songs by tapping the search icon and using a dedicated button next to the voice search option, aiming to compete more effectively with platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.
  • The song recognition feature, similar to “Hum to Search” in Google Search, uses AI to match sounds to original recordings and is available on YouTube’s main app on Android and for some YouTube Music users on iOS.
  • While Apple Music and Spotify do not have a built-in song recognition feature, they integrate with Shazam for song identification, with options to listen to recognized songs on their platforms.


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Oh, YouTube’s really out here trying to claim the throne, huh? Recently, it snagged the title of America’s favorite streaming service. But wait, there’s more. YouTube Music and YouTube Premium? They’ve just breezed past the 100 million subscriber mark worldwide. Talk about a milestone!

Despite this impressive growth, it’s not all smooth sailing for YouTube Music. The platform finds itself in a fierce battle with the giants – Apple Music and Spotify. Yet, it’s not backing down. With every new update and feature, YouTube Music is slowly but surely carving out its own space in the market.

So, here’s the scoop from 9to5Google. YouTube Music is rolling out this nifty new feature that lets you recognize songs. How cool is that? To give it a whirl, you just gotta tap the search icon up in the top-right corner. And get this, there’s even a dedicated button for it. Looks just like the song search feature on YouTube, sitting pretty next to the voice search option. Quick access, anyone?

Now, for those Android users, YouTube’s main app has been flaunting this song search feature for a bit. Want to try? Start a search and hit the “Song” tab instead of “Voice.” And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can play, sing, or even hum the tune you’re after. YouTube’s AI does the heavy lifting, matching your sound to the original recording.

Here’s the kicker, though. Some iOS users on YouTube Music are already playing around with this feature. That’s right, it’s not just an Android party.

While YouTube and YouTube Music are both Google’s babies, they cater to different crowds. YouTube’s your go-to for pretty much anything under the sun – music videos, movies, tutorials, you name it. YouTube Music, on the other hand, is all about streaming music and podcasts.

It totally makes sense for YouTube Music to jump on this feature, especially when it’s trying to hold its own against the competition. Now, while Apple Music and Spotify don’t have an in-built song recognition feature, they’re not completely out of the game. They both cozy up with Shazam for that.

And since Apple owns Shazam, it’s a no-brainer that they’d integrate it with Apple Music. Find a song on Shazam, and boom, you’re listening to it on Apple Music. Spotify’s in on this action too.

So, there you have it. The streaming wars are heating up, and YouTube’s not just watching from the sidelines. With features like song recognition, it’s clear they’re playing to win.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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