YouTube Music Launches 2023 Recap with Custom Album Art

What you should know

  • YouTube Music has launched its own 2023 Recap, which offers users a personalized review of their music listening habits over the past year, including top artists, songs, genres, and moods.
  • The Recap is accessible through the YouTube Music app and provides a detailed breakdown of the user’s listening history, including the total amount of music listened to, the number of different artists, and the top five musicians.
  • A new feature for this year is “Your Album Cover,” a visual representation of the user’s listening habits, which uses colors from top tracks and a matching image to create a unique album cover.
  • The Recap also includes a genre breakdown and a final summary of the user’s overall musical journey in 2023, with options to download or share the personalized story.

Full Story

YouTube Music is stepping up to the plate. Just like Spotify and Apple Music, it’s offering a 2023 Recap. This is a personalized journey through your year in music.

The Recap is all about your listening habits. It highlights your top artists, songs, genres, and moods. It’s like a musical diary of your year.

To find your Recap, it’s simple. Just open the YouTube Music app and tap on your profile picture. From there, it’s a breeze. You can either click on “Get Your Recap” or use the carousel to skip to a specific section.

The Recap kicks off with some general stats. It shows you how much music you’ve listened to in 2023 and the variety of artists you’ve discovered. Then, it gets more personal. It reveals your top five musicians and some extra juicy details.

Think about how many hours you’ve spent listening to them. Or how many of their songs you’ve played. It even tells you your longest listening streak and if you’re one of their top fans.

There’s something new this year too. It’s called “Your Album Cover.” This is a visual representation of your listening habits. YouTube Music takes colors from your top tracks and combines them with a matching font and image. The result? A unique album cover that reflects your musical taste.

Next, the Recap digs into your song listening habits. It shows you the total number of songs you’ve listened to in 2023. Plus, your top five songs, playlists, and albums.

It also explores your music moods. It identifies the emotional themes that resonated with you throughout the year. These moods are split into three periods: beginning, middle, and end, with a top five list for each.

To wrap up the Recap, there’s a genre breakdown. It shows you the genres that dominated your listening experience. Plus, a final summary that sums up your overall musical journey in 2023.

Throughout the Recap, you’ll find buttons that let you quickly download or share your personalized story. But if you’re old school, you can always just screenshot it.

The YouTube Music 2023 Recap has been slowly rolling out over the past day. So, if you haven’t gotten yours yet, don’t sweat it. It’s worth the wait to take a nostalgic trip through your music listening habits and discover the artists, songs, and genres that defined your year.

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