YouTube Possibly Removes iMessage Mini-App for iOS Devices

What you should know

  • YouTube may have removed the iMessage mini-app that enables iPhone and iPad users to send videos directly from chat without leaving the Messages app.
  • The latest YouTube app update, which was released earlier this week, mentions improved performance and bug fixes, but it might have also removed the iMessage mini-app.
  • The iMessage mini-app for iPhone and iPad is no longer available after the latest YouTube update, according to 9to5mac.
  • The iMessage mini-app was added to YouTube nearly seven years ago but it never became popular among iOS users.

Full Story

So, it looks like YouTube may have yanked the iMessage mini-app. You know, the one that let iPhone and iPad users send videos straight from their chat without having to exit the Messages app.

The most recent YouTube app update dropped earlier this week. It talked about stuff like better performance and bug fixes. But, there’s a chance it also axed the iMessage mini-app.

The guys and gals over at 9to5mac have confirmed it. After the latest YouTube update, the iMessage mini-app is MIA for iPhone and iPad users. But, who knows? Maybe it’s just a temporary thing.

It’s been almost seven years since the iMessage mini-app was introduced to YouTube. Sadly, it never really caught on with iOS users. Despite the fact that the app let them send YouTube videos directly from their chat. And without having to leave the Messages app. Heck, they could even watch videos using the native YouTube app.

Did the feature vanish for you after updating the YouTube app to version 19.01.1? Drop a comment and let us know. It’s kinda tough to predict what YouTube’s next move will be regarding the iMessage mini-app. Especially without an official statement.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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