YouTube TV Multiview Feature Launches on iOS Devices

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  • Google is extending the Multiview feature of YouTube TV to iPhone and iPad users, initially having been available on TVs.
  • To access Multiview on iPhone and iPad, users need to update YouTube TV to version 8.11 or newer.
  • While the iOS version of Multiview doesn’t offer the same functionality as on TVs, it marks the beginning of broader support and potential improvements.
  • Android users will have to wait longer for the Multiview feature, as Google plans to roll it out “in the coming months” without a specific timeline.


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Google’s been cooking up something pretty neat for YouTube TV. It’s this Multiview feature, right? Now, while some folks are already enjoying it, it’s not like everyone’s got the golden ticket yet. Initially, this cool tool made its debut on TVs. But guess what? It’s making a leap to iPhone and iPad, as YouTube TV spilled the beans recently.

So, here’s the scoop for iPhone and iPad users itching to get in on the action. You gotta make sure your YouTube TV app is updated to version 8.11 (or, you know, something fresher). This update isn’t exactly shocking news, though. A bunch of users were like, “Hey, I’ve got Multiview!” even before the big, official announcement this week.

Now, don’t get too ahead of yourself. The iOS and TV versions of Multiview? They’re kinda like cousins, not twins. They’re similar but not quite the same in what they can do. But hey, it’s a step in the right direction. Google’s probably got some tricks up its sleeve to jazz things up for iPhone and iPad users down the line.

Oh, and if you’re team Android, well… it seems Google’s taking its sweet time. They’re all, “Yeah, Android’s gonna get Multiview, too… eventually.” No rush, it seems. They mentioned it’s on the horizon “in the coming months,” but didn’t pin down a date. So, Android folks, hang tight, I guess?

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